Iyasare In Berkeley: Innovative Japanese

I love having dinner at Iyasare in downtown Berkeley. The atmosphere is modern and minimalist, with a sleek interior design. This is tasty, sophisticated Japanese cuisine with a hint of a California twist.

Agedashi-Dofu - Iyasare

Berkeley Go-To For Japanese Cuisine

Some of my go-to dishes are the Ohitashi Salad, Gyu Tataki, and for dessert I like the roll cake with custard and rhubarb sauce.

On another visit I had an early dinner, and enjoyed Agedashi-Dofu and Kaiso (seaweed) Salad. With a bowl of Japanese rice on the side, it was a nutritious and well balanced vegetarian dinner.

Chashu Miso Ramen - Iyasare

Miso Ramen Delight

The Sendai Chashu Miso Ramen is amazing! It has pork belly cooked in soy broth, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, sprouts and garlic chives in a very savory and spicy Sendai miso broth.

Kaiso seaweed salad - Iyasare

Iyasare Review

The service was friendly and attentive, with the staff being knowledgeable about the menu and responsive to questions.

They do a beautiful presentation and deliver amazing taste. It is pricey, for a bowl of ramen, but Iyasare is much more than ramen. They have a great menu of sashimi and maki (rolls) choices as well. It definitely should be tried! Always very satisfying!

Gyu Tataki - Iyasare

Iyasare In Berkeley…Try It!

In the mood for Japanese? Iyasare is a must-visit if you are in the East Bay area. Very consistent and enjoyable so try it out!

Iyasare Japanese Restaurant

1830 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 845-8100

Type/Cuisine: Japanese
Price: $$$ (out of 5)
Atmosphere: Relaxed but serious cuisine
Specialties: Ramen, Charchu
Other: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Other Tasty Dishes From Iyasare

Ohitashi Salad - Iyasare roll cake with custard and rhubarb sauce - Iyasare