Culinary Travel Without Leaving Your Kitchen: How to be a Food Tourist From Home

Exploring different foods and new cuisines is like a journey for the palette. Food and eating is a kind of travel in itself. Being an adventurous eater truly allows us to discover the tastes and culture of a country or region of the world. And culinary travel can be done without even leaving your home.

Lisbon, Portugal Hill View Park
Lisbon, Portugal Hilltop View
Mushrooms and Greens Plate - Lisbon, Portugal
Mushrooms and Greens Plate in Lisbon

Culinary Tourism Without Leaving Home

Food and travel go hand in hand. Anyone that has ever traveled (near or far) understands the connection between food and culture. And the delight of exploring food culture around the world is one of the best ways to know the people. The importance of food in travel is undeniable.

Most people already know that eating local food and trying new flavors is one of the best parts of travel. And you can explore the taste of a place even when you can’t visit it! You can be a food tourist without leaving your kitchen!

What Is Food Travel?

Food travel is the practice and pleasure of traveling with a specific focus on eating local cuisine and new foods. This food tourism goes beyond just passively enjoying the famous food of different countries but involves actively seeking out new flavors, food culture and cuisine experiences. 

Park Guell Gaudi Building - Barcelona, Spain
Park Guell (Gaudi) Building in Barcelona
Iberico ham dish from Barcelona, Spain
Iberico Ham in Barcelona, Spain

There are so many interesting foods to try. It has been said that to travel is to eat. So, in recent years, traveling the world for food has become a major trend for travelers and foodies alike. The good news is that anyone can explore the food in different cultures without even leaving your kitchen. 

Be a Culinary Tourist Without Leaving Home

You really can travel through food and be a culinary tourist without leaving home. With so many easy international recipes and ethnic foods to try, it’s really something we should always be doing. But when we cannot travel or visit restaurants it is still possible to travel the world through food.

Don’t let a lock-down, travel ban or even just a limited budget stop you from discovering new tastes and cultural food traditions. For some ideas on how you can excite your palate with new and exotic flavors check out this great collection of healthy ethnic recipes. And here’s a longer round-up of folk foods around the world that’s definitely worth checking out.

Cherry Blossom Trees in Chidorigabuchi, Tokyo, Japan
Cherry Blossom Trees in Chidorigabuchi, Tokyo, Japan
Seafood in Kanazawa, Japan
Seafood in Kanazawa, Japan

Exploring Culture Through Food

There truly is a relationship between food and culture. In fact the importance of food in culture is undeniable. This means we can experience culture through food. Including additional cultural elements in your at-home travel experience can make your dining experience even better.

If you are trying a traditional Spanish paella you can play some Spanish cafe music in the background while you dine. As you enjoy a tasty gaeng keow wan (green curry) you can revisit that wonderful visit to Thailand you took by browsing photos from the trip. For those with kids in the house, you can ask them to do a little research on the country or region, and share some interesting facts about the people and culture over dinner.

Harbor Lights, Hong Kong
Harbor Lights, Hong Kong
Dim Sum in Hong Kong
Dim Sum in Hong Kong

So, you can enjoy culinary travel from your own kitchen. Be adventurous and try new food and drink and dining experiences from around the world. And as you explore and experience your new favorite and best ethnic food recipes, enrich your meals by adding some extra cultural element. Be a food tourist without leaving home.

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Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain
Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
Fig and Ice Cream Dessert - Spain
Fig and Ice Cream Dessert
Landmark Elevator in Lisbon, Portugal
Landmark Elevator in Lisbon, Portugal
Nata Portuguese Egg Tart, Lisbon, Portugal
Nata Portuguese Egg Tart
El Nacional Food Market - Barcelona, Spain
El Nacional Food Market – Barcelona, Spain
El Nacional Bar Food - Barcelona, Spain
Bar Food at El Nacional in Barcelona